Preselling Condo At Lumiere Residences

Owning a Home at DMCI Lumiere Residences

You may be a believer of the cliché, “A home is where the heart is.” This is the dream of every potential homeowner.

Let me reveal a key info: Lumiere Residences could make this dream come true for you. It would capture your heart with its unique architecture and grand amenities.

Are you curious to know what these amenities are?

Lumiventt Design Technology

Lumiere utilizes the Lumiventt Design Technology, in which natural sunshine and fresh air can enter the units through a distinct building layout. This makes the entry of sunshine and air possible.

This is accomplished too by the addition of beautifully landscaped atriums and fascinating sky patios.

The technology could help you save money, while basking in the comfort that they bring. You would certainly prefer a cool breeze on your face, instead of a fan or an air-conditioner. Natural light would also be better than an electric bulb, don’t you agree?

Palm promenades and gazebo

The luxuriant palm trees lining the promenade are a sight to behold. You can breathe in the healthy oxygen these trees produce, as you walk along to stretch your calves. You may opt to just sit down and take in the fresh air.

You could spend your time in the gazebo to have a sniff of cool air and relax. Remember, oxygen is the air that our body requires.

Sky Park

Have you ever heard of a sky park? Only some condos have this type of facility. Whenever you want to revel in the beauty of the skies, you could simply ascend to the roof deck and spent time there. What better place to relax after a chaotic day at work?

Play court

You can play basketball, or any sports at the play court. Who says you can’t play ball when you’re living in a condo? Obviously, at Lumiere, you can play your type of sports within the compound itself.

Swimming pool

The sparkling water is a welcome sight during summer months. You could swim during the early mornings, or in the evenings when you come home from work. It would be a revitalizing activity that would make your day complete.

That’s not all; a kiddie pool is available too for kids. Teach your child how to swim, while spending quality time with him/her. You would strengthen your family bonds as you take advantage of these amenities.


Aside from the kiddie swimming pool, a safe playground is provided for residents, who have kids. Likewise, your child would love to spend time at the recreational area.  Variations of activities are good for your kid’s development and growth. He/she would definitely want to try new adventures.

Fitness Gym

You don’t have to spend extravagantly for your fitness exercises. Lumiere’s fitness gym is within the perimeter, so grab the chance to stay fit, trim and healthy by doing an exercise regimen regularly.

You may want to enlist your family members to join you. That would be fun.

Function Hall and Study Room

Apparently, in these rooms, residents could conduct meetings, parties, or seminars. The study room is used for educational purposes, such as studying, researching and similar activities. This facility is unheard of in other condos.

Game Area and Entertainment Room

Gamers would love the Game Area, while those who wanted to be entertained have a designated area for them. Owning a unit in Lumiere is living in a complete community and enjoying the opulence of upscale life. 

All the home amenities that you have wished for are already provided within the compound at Lumiere Residences.  You don’t have to venture far.

What are the other perks of owning a unit at Lumiere?

The place is secure and safe.

Your home is secured with roving security guards 24 hours a day. They would safeguard your safety and that of your family at all times.

The gate is guarded, as well, to ascertain that there are no intruders or unwanted outsiders, who may cause unexpected disturbances inside the compound.

The price is affordable.

For as low as Php 2,050,000, you could buy a 1 Bed Room unit at Lumiere. There are 1 BR, 2 Br, and 3 BR units that you can select from. The unit area will depend on how much space you need.

You can pay the unit in cash with a 10% discount, or you could pay a minimum down payment of 30% of the total price within a 3-month period. The rest can be paid thru bank financing.

The 2 BR units cost Php 3,400,000, while the 3 BR units cost Php 5,855,000 to Php 6,080,000. It would seem too expensive but if you consider the facilities, the high quality materials used in building the condo, the price is reasonable.

You have a number of payment options that you can consider, based on your finances. You can request the assistance of Lumiere’s real estate agent, if you have some unanswered questions.

It’s an excellent investment opportunity.

However, if you consider the unit as an investment, you won’t be hesitating to buy one because it will bring you profitable returns eventually.

Sacrificing some of your impulsive buying could help you save for your home. You may want to purchase your home now, while you’re still young, so you would have completed your payments before you retire.

Lumiere is a wonderful place to live in when you retire. Where else can you find a home that makes you feel like you’re on a splendid vacation? Lumiere is where your home is.

Do you want your ideal home? You have to save money for you to be able to buy it. A home that your heart longs for whenever you’re away.

If you’re still dilly-dallying on what to do, think fast forward – 10 years from now. How much, do you think, would the unit costs? Your answer is as good as mine.

When you think of your ideal home, think Lumiere Residences, and you’re on the right path. Go for it before it’s too late.

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